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High-speed linear SWIR camera
Published:2016.03.28 Source:ACE Technology Limited Views:

LN-1.7 / LN-2.2 series SWIR linear camera have the characteristics of high-speed, low dark current, wide dynamic range, easy operation, stable performance, etc. It can provide 128/256/512/1024/2048, a variety of pixel resolution. LN-1.7/LN-2.2 have thread lens interface ,spectrometer interface and other optical interfaces. It can be easy integration into the spectrometer and a variety of imaging system.

Product Features

Extended InGaAs line array detector

TEC thermoelectric cooling

Spectral response range 0.8um~ 1.7um / 1.0um~2.2um

128256 5121024 or 2048 a variety of pixel resolution

Low dark current

Up to 9 kHz line frequency

14 bit AD

On-board Non-uniformity correction and Invalid pixel replacement

CameraLink/USB2.0  A variety of data interface

External trigger

Two kinds of gain model

Compatible with the standard C mount lens, spectrometer interface

Application Case

§  Optical coherence tomographyOCT

§  Near-infrared spectrograph

§  Absorption or emission spectrum research, such as moisture, lipid, alcohol, proteins or other 0.8 ~ 2.2 um um range

    of molecular vibration spectral bands

§  Thermal objects imaging200~ 800

§  High speed test and material classification, sorting, or monitoring, for example, used in sorting of food, agriculture,


§  On-line process control

§  Nondestructive detection

§  Moisture measurement

§  Pharmaceutical, chemical application

§  Pollution and environmental monitoring

§  Semiconductor Inspection




Sensor Type

InGaAs line array detector

Spectral Response

0.8um ~ 1.7um / 1.0um ~ 2.2um

Active Pixel

128 256512,1024,2048

Pixel Pitch


Quantum Efficiency

>70% @ 1.5um

Cooling mode

TE1 / TE3

Gain Setting

High and low integral capacitance

Optical interface

Thread lens interface

C mount

Spectrometer interface

4 M4x0.7-6H threaded holespacing 5cmx4cm(h x w),

Can also be customized according to user requirements


Line Frequency

3kHz,USB2.0; 9kHz,CameraLink

Exposure time

20us ~ 1s, Or user customize or external trigger

Trigger mode

Continuous trigger, single trigger or external trigger

Digital Output Format

Raw 14 bit



Dynamic Range



Wavelength correction

Non-uniformity correction

Automatic contrast enhancement


Camera Setup / Control

USB2.0 / CameraLink

Digital Output

USB2.0 / CameraLink

External trigger port

SMATTLLow <0.5V, 3V<High<5V

Tripod interface


Power supply

Power Input

12V±3V DC

Camera Power Consumption


Environmental suitability

Operating Case Temperature

0 ~ +50

Storage Temperature

-20 ~ +70

Physical characteristics


500gnot include lens


75mm x 68mm x80mm