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ACE6311 Sniper Detector
Published:2013.06.04 Source:ACE Technology Limited Views:


Sentinel Detector is pro-active detection equipment by probing optical sight to locate the sniper. It is applied in the field of VIP security protection, peace keeping, counter-terrorism etc. Any optical equipment, such as night vision camera, telescope, laser ranger finder, can be detected by Sniper Detector. It is also be used for illumination image at night.


·           Large detection distance

·           Laser divergence angel continuous change

·           18 times zoom continuously; binocular view

·           Small size, light weight, portable and easy operation

·           High environment adaptability and reliability

Technical Parameters:

Detection Distance


Night-vision Distance


Working Mode


Power Supply

DC 12V battery or external power supply

Working Temperature

30 0C ~ 60 0C




≤2.1kg (including battery)