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Thank you for choosing our ¡°ACE¡± products. This is to certify that this product is free of congenital defects in materials and workmanship. We guarantee to offer the end user Five years free service within the limit of the following conditions:
1,ACE Technology assures that instrument¡¯s mainframe and accessories with the exception of probe has no any material and technics defects within the warranty period dated from shipment from authorized distributors. ACE Technology will repair or replace the products if, in the opinion of ACE Technology, they are approved defective within the warranty period.

2,Disassembling of products by user due to the hardware problem, caused by quality within the warranty period is not allowed, please show the warranty card filled in with necessary information to authorized servicing center which will repair it free or replace the broken components.

3,For any non-hardware technical problems, please contact department of customer service in ACE Technology.

4,For the products that need to be sent for ACE Technology, users may send them to the nearest authorized servicing sector. If users want to have the product repaired where they want, please refer to then Item 5.

5,For the products, out of warranty or special service of this kind, please contact ACE Technology.

This warranty applied if the product has been installed and used in accordance with the manufacturer¡¯s recommendations ( as noted in the operating instruction ) under normal use and reasonable care ( in the opinion of ACE ), but free repairation does not apply to the following situation:

1, Damage caused during transportation. (please contact insurance company or transportation sector).
2, Malfunction or damage caused by wrong installation or unsuitable working environment. ( in the opinion of ACE Technology).
3, Malfunction or damage caused by improper repairation or misuse.
4, Malfunction or damage caused by using unmatched power source.
5, Malfunction or damage caused by force majeure.

The invoice, copy of receipt and warranty card should be retained properly by the customer at all times, because they are proof of purchase.

Don¡¯t fail to send back ¡°feedback part¡± of the card to ACE Technology to update our datebase of service after sales, otherwise, warranty card will not be valid.